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Campaign Name: Information Consultancy Services
Campaign Start Date: Sat-14-Jan-17
Campaign End Date: Tue-31-Dec-19
Campaign Description: Looking for Talented Account Managers
Information Consultancy Services or ICS specialise in business intelligence and Internet retailing. Offering the application of business and technical expertise to enable organisations in the creation, management and optimisation of information and business processes.
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Campaign Information

Business Details

Information Consultancy Services offer Internet based services in web design, software development and IT training. As well as business and information consultancy.

This year we will also be offering a full electronic point of sale system that can link your store front and online sales into one database system, a cloud based backup and vertical desktop service and domain registration & site hosting. 

For more information on our organisation go to http://www.informationconsultancyservices.co.uk.

Agent Details

Information Consultancy Services are looking to recruit professional and talented sales agents to act as account managers for our business. Combining the roles of sales and customer relationships. 

Within this campaign we offer our sales agents 30% gross profit share for any business they bring in. So for example if the business value was worth £5000 and the cost of sale was £2000 then the agent would receive a payment of £900 (30% of the £3000 gross profit) . ICS will also pay the same rate for any repeat business from the client.

Agent Recruitment

Once the agent has a proven track record we will allow them to recruit other agents within their team, where they will receive a residual income of 5% gross profit share for any business their agents bring in. Plus other percentages for deeper levels. View the campaign levels area for more information.

Campaign Levels
Top Level: 1 Percentage: 30% From my sales
Level: 2 Percentage: 5% Residual income from my sales team
Level: 3 Percentage: 2% Residual income from my sales team
Level: 4 Percentage: 2% Residual income from my sales team
Level: 5 Percentage: 1% Residual income from my sales team